Raid 5 Reformatted Problems


I am using a Media Server system with a Raid 5 array which was set up to store photos, music and pictures. The media is stored away from the main computer on this system, and there are regular backups. Shortly before this month’s backup, it looks as though one of the drives has failed, and I cannot get the array back on line. I am worried that I may have accidentally formatted the drives. When trying to open up the array so I could save something to it, I got a message saying that the drive was not working, and I should try again. I could see the drives under Disk Manager, but I could not see the files on the disk. These files all had a red X at the corner, and I could not open them. I decided that I needed to recover the data, and the best way to do this would be to run a recovery program. There are some recovery programs with the drives that I use, so I ran those. I think this is where the drives were formatted. I am now not able to see any data on any of the drives in the array.


I have been using a 3-disk RAID 5 configuration through an Intel controller. I use them to record and preserve business data, and so I have become quite stressed since the array stopped working. The problem began very suddenly, so there was no power loss or spikes, or any kind of failure of the system. I just shut it down at the end of the working day, and then restarted the system the next morning. I knew that there was going to be a problem when I tried to look at the array on My Computer, and could not find it. I can see it in Disk Utilities, but it seems as though only one of the disks is available, the others listed as Unknown. I have tried to recover the drives, but have not had much success so far. I have also tried a couple of recovery software options, but they are not able to see the other drives and this means that I can’t recover the data. I can’t run my business without the data on these drives.