Samsung Data Recovery


I have a Samsung Ultrabook which is very difficult. The problem is that the screen appears to be split into different graphics fragments, which means that I can’t see the screen and I am not able to view any of the data that I have on the laptop. This means that I can’t see to try and extract the data from the screen. While I can see a few images, and can sometimes view the start button, as soon as I try to open any of the documents, the vision is gone. I often have to restart the computer to try and get a better image, but at the moment nothing has happened. I want to be able to open up the computer and get at least some of the data which is available to me, so that I can save it onto an external hard drive. I am concerned at the moment that since I can’t see anything on the computer recovering the data would be a risk which might end up with some of the files being deleted.


I am using a Samsung Ativ laptop which I am having problems with. The main problem is that parts of the graphics have gone, and so I am not able to view the start button, or the side column of My Documents. This means that when I want to open one of the documents, I am forced to rely upon the keyboard to open any files, and this is not any use when I want to copy files from the Documents folder to an external hard drive. Because all of the left hand side is blocked by this graphics failure, saving the data on the laptop has become really important. I don’t know how long the graphics will last, and so I need to get a data recovery specialist to save all of the data possible.