Case Study 1: Mac Air SSD Failure

Client had a Mac Air that has a laptop that would not switch on and all there is on screen is a black box on 3/4’s of screen. The Mac Air had a glass of water knocked over my accident and ever since this black screen is the only thing appearing on screen. Client took hard laptop to Apple Store and they replaced the hard drive and recommended ourselves to recover the data.

We received in the solid state hard drive from the Mac Air laptop and diagnosed that there was a problem with 2 of the memory modules. We removed the memory modules and read them in a harware chip reader to read the data from the memory modules. We could not do anything for the 2 damaged memory modules but there was a total of 12 memory chips on the SSD board so that would mean 1/6th of data would be missing. We then processed the data for client and recovered 82% of all data that was on drive.

* We have the hardware and the expertise to recover data from all makes and models of SSD Drives.