Case Study 2: Synology DiskStation Failed Rebuild

Client had a Synology DiskStation which was in a 4 disk raid 5 configuration. The 3rd disk failed on the Synology DiskStation and had to be removed and replaced by client and a rebuild process was started. While the system was in the middle of rebuilding the Synology DiskStation, disk 2 in the Synology DiskStation decided to also fail. Client removed and replaced disk 2 and tried to start the rebuild process agin but it would not rebuild past 2%.

We got the Synology DiskStation in for recovery and diagnosed that all disks had severe sector problems. We imaged the 2 replacement disks and put all 4 original disks in an imaging machine to image all sectors from the disks. All sectors was imaged from disks and we then started the recompiling process of putting the raid data back together to try and recover as much data as possible. We extracted 99% of the data for client, 1% was missing due to the 2 failed rebuilds.

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