Case Study 3: HP Proliant 3670 Server – SQL, Exchange & File Server Recovery

The HP Proliant 3670 Server has 7 disks connected to it. There was two volumes/partitions on the raid array, one was for operating system that had Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL installed, and the other volume/partition had all their user data on it. The company was one of the leading marketing company’s in the UK so the server held all their cleint data going back 9 years. Four disks failed on the server at the one time. Client does not know what happened but as it happened at the weekend so details are vague as no-one was onsite at the time of failure. Client got a HP Raid Engineer to look at server to try and get it up and running but the HP engineer said the system was beyond recovery.

We got in the server disks and imaged 3 working disks. The 4 disks that failed had electronic and firmware damage to them. We upgraded the firmware and electronics on the hard drive and then imaged the 4 damaged disks. We then processed the 4 damaged disks and now had 7 disk images to work with. We processed raid data and backed up data to a 3tb Seagate External Hard Drive. Client got the data recovered with 2 days.

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