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Camera Data Recovery


I have an SD Kingston memory card used in a Lumix camera. I recently performed a full download of all the photographs from the card, and then deleted them in order to create more room on the card. This appeared to be fine until I looked more closely at the photographs which I had downloaded from the card, and saved into files on my computer. Suddenly, it seems as though these pictures have become corrupt or have been otherwise damaged, so that I am not able to view them anymore. The computer started deleting pictures every time I opened a file, so I have stopped doing that. The problem is that I now have no pictures at all. I had not made a backup of the pictures before I deleted them from the camera, so the only copies were the ones on the system.


I have been using a Lexar 4GB memory card inside a Samsung digital camera. This was used to take photographs during a family holiday, and things seemed to be fine until one member of the family took the camera from the table, and tried to take a video with it. The camera stopped working, and I had to take it back to the hotel room and charge it up again. This took several hours, and when it was finally working again, I decided to download all of the pictures that were on there. I plugged the camera into the laptop we had with us, and a few seconds after, the computer said that there was a drive error, naming the drive where the card was sitting. I tried to get the laptop to download the photographs, but it said that there was nothing there. When I got home, I plugged it into my Windows 7 computer, and while I can see the card, the icon is greyed out, and I am not able to click on it to open files, or access any of the data on the card.