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Buffalo Data Recovery


Hello. I am looking for help with a Buffalo external hard drive with two disks, which is not working. There appears to be some serious encryption problem, as it no longer recognises the password which I am certain is the right one of the drive. I cannot get into the drive because, obviously, it requires a password which I no longer have. I have extracted a dump file, which seems to show that the password is there, but it seems to be hidden. I bought a new Buffalo product (a Ministation, rather than the Linkstation I was using), and connected the drive to it, trying to make a clone. However, the hard drive connected to the USB port got a message saying ‘cannot access data’. I therefore cannot access the drive, it seems. Can anyone help me to un-encrypt my data so that I can see the password, or at least access the drive in order to get the data back that is on it? I am at a complete loss about how to retrieve the disks from this disaster. I can’t even think about what to do next in order to recover either the drive or the data on the disks.


I am trying to recover a Buffalo Linkstation with 500gb of memory. My computer has started to refuse me access to the drive, and after a CHKDSK through CMD, I found several bad sectors, at least 2000 bad sectors. I also cannot see the partition any more, unless I am scanning it, and then the separation appears. I have tried several scans for the lost partitions, but it only throws up a series of RAW lists. I also cannot clone the device through the original case, which is currently holding a Samsung disk. The data appears completely gone, and I don’t know what to do with the disks in order to affect a recovery. I could try and take the disks out of the box, but would this mean that I couldn’t get a repair from Buffalo if I require one? I would be able to use a Linux system and do an XFS repair, if needed, but I am worried that it might damage the data which is on the files, and cause me to lose important files.