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Resolve Issues With Your D-Link Network Attached Storage


I have a small D-Link DNS 321 hard drive which I used to store some information about my business on. I recently updated the firmware, which I understood was supposed to help fix problems which had occurred previously with the system. I was hopeful that this would solve some minor issues of mine which meant that copying took a very long time. However, rather than succeeding in this, I appear to have changed the permissions needed to do any copying to the D-Link at all. What has happened is that, when I set up the D-Link I created a single network user. When I did this, I lost the ability to select the ‘all accounts’ button on the machine. This did not seem to matter until after the firmware was installed. Now, whenever I have to boot the unit, for example if I have changed some part of the drive, or if I have plugged an extension into my computer, I lose all of the previously created permissions and access to that data. This means that I don’t have permission to change anything until I set up the permissions again and I lose the ability to read the data that is currently on the D-Link system.


I have a new D-Link DNS 343 which I purchased as an upgrade to my 323s. I was pretty familiar with the D-Link setup, so thought that I could cope with anything that the new device would throw at me. I formatted the device and copied data to it that was on an old computer. I gave the old computer away to a charity shop a few weeks later and then a few months after that I started having problems with the D Link hard drive system. Then the D-Link suddenly stopped working without notice one day, it declared a failure, and had to be rebooted. When it came online, it gave me a string of error messages, none of which I could find an explanation for, and then when I rebooted again, said that the drives were out of order, and it needed me to put them back in order before it could restart. I did not know what to do, since I hadn’t touched the drives. The drives have not been formatted, since the D-Link won’t do it properly, just keeps rebooting, and it has built a partition about 5 times now in the same drive, but each time it insists on doing it again. I haven’t turned it on again since the problem, since I don’t want to damage the drives and cause any corruption to the data.