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Iomega Data Recovery Services


I am trying to recover data from an Iomega eGo external hard drive, which is clearly damaged in some way. I have been using it for a while with a DELL XP laptop, with the Iomega serving as the hard drive. Recently, however, the drive has been not functioning properly. When I try to look at data contained in the hard drive, the computer says “Drive is not ready”. I have used some disk checking software to scan it, but the program could not detect the driver. I have been able to access the drive by using another software program, but when I try to open up files, the computer prevents me, claiming that I need to use a password. I have never used passwords on the drive, and I don’t understand what it wants. In addition, when I try to scan the Iomega hard drive in order to assess the situation, the drive disconnects, and then I have to reboot the computer before I can look at the drive again.


I have been using an external hard drive from IOMEGA for some time. However, it has recently stopped working, and I am struggling to recover any data. When I plug the hard drive into the USB port, the drive starts making a clanging noise, which then stops. The Windows 7 PC that I am using will recognise the drive, but has not assigned it a drive letter. I try to manage the driver through DMU, but the computer asked me to initialize the disk before doing anything else. The disk also appears as ‘Unknown’, but when I look at the Properties, I am told that the “Device is working”. I am so frustrated that I can clearly see the driver, but the computer will not respond or find the driver when I ask it to. I did not do anything to the driver before it started this process, so I can’t imagine what has happened to it. It also means that any data which I have in the driver is lost.