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I have suddenly lost my backup hard drive from both Windows, and, after trying to reboot it, from my BIOS screen too. I am using a Lacie External hard drive, with the disk being a Hitachi. When I try to turn on the disk, there is some spinning, and flashing of the light, but then this stops after only 3 or 4 seconds. Then, it stops working at all. I don’t know why it is not working, or why it was lost suddenly. It seems like Windows just suddenly decided that it didn’t want to see it anymore, so it won’t. I understand that sometimes shutting off resistance helps, or changing the PCB, but with the latter I can see no burning, and there is no smell.


I am looking for help with a disk which is in a Lacie external hard drive. The disk is no longer available on the computer. There were no accidents with the drive, it didn’t fall down, and there has been no smell of burning or other signs that there might be a problem with the power supply. I removed the disk from the Lacie, and took off the USB, connecting it to the computer using a SATA cable. That is when I saw that the disk is not spinning around. I assume this means that there is an internal disk failure of some kind. I have several of the Lacie external drives, and so took the PCB from one drive, and put it onto the disk. The drive now spins as it should, but there is still no recognition from the computer. I know that sometimes the PCB from one Lacie will not work with another disk, but since it is spinning around, I assume that it is working, and there is in fact another problem with the disk itself.