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Recover Data From Synology Network Attached Storage


I am having problems with a NAS Synology DiskStation which has suddenly shut itself down. I have been using it for about a month with no problems, or even the first sign of a problem. However, this morning, I went into the home office as usual, and the entire DiskStation is unresponsive. Not only can I not view the files on disk, and the desktop nearby cannot save files to the station (the computer cannot find the hard drive), but there is also no internet. It is unresponsive when I try to ping it from the router. I tried to turn it off, but there was no response. When I held onto the power button, the light started blinking. I finally unplugged it, kept my finger on the power button for a few minutes, and then plugged it back in. It is now working, but the drives are not available when I go into my computer, and I am no longer able to read any of the data which has been saved to the DiskStation.


I have a Synology DiskStation 413 which is not recognising items which are plugged into its USB ports or SATA connections. In fact, it will acknowledge that they are there when they are first connected. There is a small ‘bing’ on the computer, and then the names appear as connected through the NAS. However, when trying to make backups to those drives which are connected through the ports, there are frequent problems. Firstly, the USB port will just eject suddenly, as though the cable has fallen out (even though it clearly has not). I have to completely reboot the DiskStation in order to get it to see the drive again. When using the SATA cable, the DiskStation reports problems, and often says that it cannot read the drive, or that the drive is corrupted (it is not). I am also finding it more and more difficult to keep the connection going even when I am not using the drives. I have tried new cables, and have even adjusted the ports in order to give a better grip.