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Hard Drive Data Recovery Questions

I’m using an antiquated piece of computer kit, an old Packard Bell computer running Windows 98. There is no particular reason for me still being on Windows 98 other than I like it and have never done anything intense enough to need anything else. My hand has been forced though by the blue screen of death that has suddenly started appearing when I try to save something to the hard drive. This normally happens if I am using a word processor or spreadsheets which in themselves are old and no longer supported. I still have the original Windows install disk so could do a new install if it came down to it but I now know I am going to have to have a new machine. The only problem is that I can no longer get the drive to do anything so I’m unable to copy from it to a DVD, CD or external drive. Things have reached crisis point now because I’ve just discovered the photos of my daughter’s wedding are on that drive and I need to get at them – is there anyway of getting at the data even though the drive won’t respond? Any advice or help you could give would be gratefully received.

Hi there. I’m using a Lacie 1TB hard drive that seems to be having something of an identity crisis. When I use it with my Apple Mac (a Mid-2010 iMac) the drive will not mount and I cannot see what is on it. I’m not sure why this is happening but it is something that has only started to happen recently. Last time I used it I used the correct eject procedure but didn’t wait and pulled the cable out of the fire wire port. Since then the iMac can’t or won’t see it and I have tried various utilities but with no joy. Ina bizarre twist of irony though when I plug the drive into a windows machine (any windows machine) the drive appears and is readily accessible but only to view the contents. I’ve even had a friend who is a Mac wizard have a look at the fire wire bus but nothing. I’m in need of some help because the stuff I need was produced using a Mac and I need to access it via a Mac or get it from the drive in a way that will allow me to use it again on a Mac. Is there a way round this other than attempting suspect ‘possible fixes’ that some of the forums are putting forward?