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IBM Hard Drive Data Recovery Questions

IBM Travelstar Hard Drive
I recently bought an IBM hard drive and had it installed. I followed it by installing Windows XP from recovery discs. I refuse to do the switch to 8 and will love my XP system until the end of time. System worked fine for a few months and then it crashed without warning one day. I have important data that I needed from the system. Someone recommended running the recovery disc that came with the Laptop. I tried running the recovery discs but they would not run. I’m thinking that perhaps the recovery discs were not as intact as they should be? I’m not sure, this is the first that I’ve gone through some like this now. I’ve never had a problem with recovery discs before nor have I had a problem with hard drives before, other than the occasionally fried one in college. I am assuming that the problem is with the hard drive.

IBM System X
My current system has a 500GB drive – IBM System X and is a 500GB capacity. The drive failed one day and I could not get the system to recognise the IBM hard disk. I took the drive to a PC Repair Shop but they could not get anything from the drive. The hard drive contains Photos and work files so I need the data from the drive.

IBM Pavillon DV 5000 Hard Drive
I am using a Windows XP machine and on boot-up, a different screen comes up saying that the “Computer was not properly shut down”. Then, options of booting on safe mode also comes up and whatever I choose among the set of options, none of them brings me back to Windows. I cannot enter the operating system and I don’t know what is causing this. The main problem was the hard drive installed on the machine. So, I decided to run a diagnostic test on it. The test ran longer than expected and in the end, it showed that the hard drive failed.