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Maxtor Hard Drive Data Recovery Questions

Maxtor 6L250R0 250GB
I need to recover data from my Maxtor HDD from my old computer to a new PC I have purchased but there is a problem. Whenever I connect my old Maxtor hard drive it won’t be seen by the new PC. I have tried connecting the hard drive by internal cables and also via a usb device via a usb 2.0 connection. Neither way allows me to see the data. I need the data from the hard drive as it contains all my music, movies, and pictures not to mention documents holding my bank and credit card details.

Maxtor 4R080L0 80GB 5400RPM IDE 3.5″ Hard Drive
I have an old Maxtor 80GB hard drive that I use as a slave driver on my machine. I noticed recently that my computer has slowed down and the culprit is this hard drive. When turned one, it seems that the hard drive is using almost 100% of the CPU resources. This happens almost all the time even if I am not transferring files to and from the drive. I installed a diagnostic tool to see the root cause of the problem. After running it for 360 minutes (it usually takes 10-15 minutes), it said that there are problems found on the hard drive. The drive is recognised by the computer and now I cannot access the files on it.