Seagate Data Recovery

Seagate Data Recovery

No Fix - No Fee!

Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from failed hard disks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you through the minefield of recovering data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Seagate Data Recovery

Software Fault £249

2-3 Days

Mechanical Fault £349

2-3 Days

Critical Service £795

1 Day

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Setbacks You May Encounter Using a Seagate Hard Drive:

It is important that you contact a Seagate data recovery professional if your hard drive shows signs of below par performance. There are clear signs that this is taking place, including a crash screen or any suspicious noises. Contact a professional. This gives you more chances of keeping your data. Here, we look at the most common reasons why such an occurrence happens:

Seagate Hard Drive Platter & Spindle Issues:

This type of problem is easily spotted, and results in beeping, clicking or buzzing noises. Any buzzing normally shows you that the motor has failed. Clicking means the read and write heads are having problems. The clicking failure sign is most common. This is due to a knock or a fall.

Seagate Hard Drive Logic Board Problems:

If a hard drive suffers an electronics failure it is normally due to a power surge when the computer has been switched on. If you do not have a power surge connection then a PCB logic board problem can occur.

Seagate Hard Drive Firmware Difficulties:

Seagate Firmware helps your system to communicate with a hard drive, so if it goes wrong it could mean serious problems. Firmware codes are found on disk platters which are easily corrupted. We’re fully experienced with such issues.

Non Recognisable Seagate Hard Drives Using Windows or OS:

This normally happens when degrading takes place. The sectors on a Seagate HDD are important and if they become corrupted they could become unreadable and unwriteable. Hard drives are sometimes unable to allocate sectors, which means that data would literally disappear. We have extensive experience with this problem and can recover your data quickly and efficiently.

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