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Hard Drive Data Recovery Questions

I bought this drive – model number ST3320413AS – some months ago and have been using it as part of a RAID setup. My problem is all was great until I went on holiday and came back to find that when I switched everything back on this drive refused point blankly to boot up. Its making noises that sound like its trying but that’s about it. My computer is telling me that I can only access two of the other drives in my array but I need access to this one because I keep all of my digital photography files on it. Even trying to boot up from another drive and access this one, as a slave doesn’t work. I’m stuck and I really could use some help. Any suggestions?

Whilst working away from home my son has been using my computer at home and as such it has been left vulnerable to the unsupervised downloading of a teenager with a thing for role-playing games. When I came home and decided to do some work on my computer I found the drive would not spin up. Indeed the most I could get out of it was a light on the front of the desktop tower flashing as though it wanted to do something. My son told me – after much badgering – that he had inadvertently downloaded an .exe file with a virus attached. The virus has attacked the partition table and left the drive so that I can see the files on it but can’t get at them. It also has reset the size of the disc to 0. I’ve got a lot of stuff on the computer relating to a charity I work for and need access to it so that I can plan our AGM. Is there a way round this or will I need to replace the drive and lose everything? I’ve heard of sites on the internet that offer recovery solutions but I’m not convinced if they work or if they are just papering over the cracks so to speak. The drive in question is a Seagate 2TB Solid State Hard Drive (ST2000DX001).