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WD Hard Drive Data Recovery Questions

WD My Book 1TB External Hard Drive
Good day! I am fairly tech-savvy when it comes to computers, but right now I am having trouble with my hard drive. When I went and tried to change the password on my Western Digital My Book, I downloaded the latest version of WD Smartware—WD Smartware Installer 2.2.1—then double-clicked on it. A message then appeared on my monitor, and it said, “A reboot pending has been detected. Reboot and retry the action”. Of course the first thing I did was restart the computer, and try to run everything all over again. But the same message kept popping up. Basically it did not work and I need the data recovered from this password protected hard drive.

WD Caviar Green 3TB Hard Drive
I own a WD Caviar Green 3TB hard drive running on a Windows 7 Enterprise‎ and an Intel Core i3 processor, as well as 4 GB total memory type DDR3. My computer suddenly stops detecting it on a regular basis. The past few months the faulty drive has been disappearing more often. I checked out tips online to see if other people had the same issues, and I even checked cables and updated all drivers. Shutting down the computer and even turning off the power, and turning everything back on after an hour seem to help but not anymore, the drive just won’t get recognised no matter what I do.