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Recover Data From An Acer Laptop


I am using an Acer Aspire One 756 which is using a Windows 8 operating system. The problems started when I lost sound on the system, and it seems like the drivers have disappeared. I can see the speaker icon in the taskbar, so it seems like it is normal, but in the Device Manager under the sound menu, I can see no drives, and I can find no audio systems. When I go into BIOS, there are no options for audio, which I thought that there would be. I tried to install the latest set of drivers from Windows, but got nowhere, and then tried to install the driver from the Realtek page. Even with the drivers installed, it is like the system cannot produce sound. Initially, when the sound went off, I thought that the speakers had blown out, but when I took the laptop to be fixed, they said it was just drivers. Since I installed the drivers, I am getting an error message saying ‘restart to repair (important)’, and saying that there were errors on a drive. The repair insists on being done, but I can’t now get past this repair menu. Can yourselves recover the hard drive and the music files on it?


I was using my Acer Aspire 5733 laptop yesterday, and the mouse froze up. I decided to restart it, and then went to bed, leaving it to run all night. When I came down the next morning, I found that the system was still loading the startup screen. I turned it off, thinking that it was a minor problem, but I am not able to get into the OS any more. I have restarted several times. I have also used the Windows Repair options, which appears every reboot and demands to be used. Each time I accept, it takes about an hour, and then says that the problem could not be fixed. I did not have the chance to backup all of my data, so I need to have the hard drive available. I wanted to do a data backup with my restore program, in order to save those files. However, now it is just stuck again on the setup. Can the data be recovered?