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What To Do When Your Macbook Pro Fails


I have a Macbook Pro, model number Z0GL. I am having trouble keeping the internet connected to this laptop. At least once every 2 hours or so, the laptop will just stop working. The pages stop loading up, and I have messages about being disconnected. If any emails are being written at the time, they are lost, and if I am uploading something to the web, it can also be lost, or put back in the file as corrupted. I have tried fixing the Turn Wi-FI off button, and I have also tried connecting the laptop to a broadband cable, as I understand this works for first-time wireless connections. As soon as I turn the Wireless button off and then on again, the system seems to forget that it has a wireless card, and drops off the internet. Often, the result is that I have to shut down the computer, and then restart it from scratch. I have lost work that I am doing for clients as a result of the above, which could end up costing me thousands if the emails are not recovered.


I have a Macbook Pro laptop, the first one that I have ever owned. I am still not quite familiar with the concept of some of the icons and messages, and there is one that I am having particular trouble with, and need urgent help on. The laptop has stopped booting up fully, and after I get past the Apple Logo, I see a grey screen with a folder on it, on top of which a question mark is flashing. I don’t know what this means, but I do know that it stops the computer from booting up, and if I wait for a while, the system will completely close down. My main concern is the data which I have in the hard drive. I need to get some if not all of that back.