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Sony Laptop Data Recovery


I have not used an old Sony Vaio laptop for a while, but I needed some data from it and tried to start it up. I use to log on to the laptop but now it boots straight to the desktop. When I open My Pictures folder it is empty. It seems like the Laptop has reset itself up possibly to factory settings?


Hello. I need to recover data from a Sony Vaio VPCF135 laptop. The problems started this week but I am already running out of options. What has happened is that the computer seems to have mislaid my D drive which contains all my user data, the D drive is a 2nd hard drive I have inside the Sony Laptop. It used to read it fine, but now it seems to be missing from Disk Manager, and I have also not been able to find it in another part of the Windows OS. It was working fine, and I could see it in the DM. I tried to get new drivers from Seagate, then from Sony, and then from Windows itself. I was asked by the Sony to install the program and reboot. I could only get a ‘no new hardware found’ message through the GeForce website. I have tried other things, such as cleaning the hard drive. Nothing at all has changed.