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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from iMacs and Macbooks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Mac Is Taking Longer To Respond:

We all know how our computer operates in terms of speed and know when something is wrong. If your Mac starts to slow down there is a potential problem with the hard drive. Some consider a Mac’s slower than normal speeds to be down to memory failings but often problems with a hard drive can slow it down, and failing to take heed of these early warnings can lead to a possibly fatal data loss. Our experts here at can help diagnose the problem and recover your data thus increasing your chances of being up and running again sooner rather than later.

Experiencing Failure Booting Up Your Mac Drive:

Many reasons can be attributed as to why a Mac may not boot up correctly. Some are simple and can be dealt with by following some simple steps as detailed in your manuals but most require the help of a specialist. This is where we at here come in. Starting up your Mac you may be faced with a grey screen containing a stop sign (or ‘Prohibitory Sign’). If you encounter this at the boot-up stage then there are issues with files on your disk that have been incorrectly moved or deleted. This symbol also warns that recently added hardware has caused an issue. It is often suggested that inserting the Mac OS disk to boot up can cure the problem but here lies another issue. Following this line of thinking can allow for the overwriting of the hard drive’s existing data. If you are greeted by an unfamiliar symbol at start-up please contact us here at

Electronic issues with the Mac’s Hard Drive:

Hard drives installed within Apple Macs can fail because of problems on the printed circuit board (PCB) fitted to the drive which allows it to communicate with the motherboard and other devices. Some hard drives, instead of having the firmware written onto the platter, have the firmware installed onto the PCB. Problems with the electronics can arise if there has been an unexpected power surge that has sent unusual levels of electricity coursing through your Mac.

Firmware Problems with the Mac and the Hard Drive:

One of the most important pieces of software within a Mac is the firmware. Firmware is considered to be just another program but this small but vital program allows the hard drive to communicate with the motherboard. It also allows you, the user, to read data from and save data to the drive. Without firmware many hard drives would simply refuse to function, and it is bearing this in mind that we are here to assist should you encounter problems accessing data because of firmware. We recommend that if you are not comfortable or familiar trying to install or replace firmware, that you contact us and our experts will be happy to help.

Mac Hard Drive Freezing, Stalling Or Warm Rebooting:

If your Mac suddenly freezes without any warning then it may be as the result of an issue that has originated on the hard drive. It could be that the software installation has been corrupted which has resulted in some or a great number of the boot sector files becoming damaged or unreadable. These sudden shutdowns and continual reboots may result in the loss of data so it is imperative you take action if any of the aforementioned symptoms reveal themselves.

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