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Mac Recovery


I have been using a Macbook Air for some time, which worked very well for me, and which I have used to preserve a number of important documents. This Macbook was connected to an external hard drive, and I have copied and read files off of this drive without any kind of problem. I had formatted this drive so that it was compatible with both a Mac and my work computer, a PC. Recently, I bought a new Macbook Air, from early 2013, but I am having a problem with the external hard drive. The new Macbook will not connect to the hard drive as the former Mac did. I can remove files from the drive, but if I edit them, or create a new file, I can’t save them to the new Mac. I don’t want to have to format the drive, as that could lose the data from the PC which is on there, but I want a data recovery company to recover the data from my new Macbook and put it onto a new hard drive.


I have an iMac which is being used with a LaCie hard drive. I have lost a few documents from this drive, and need assistance recovering them. When I put the drive onto the iMac, the system reports that I only have around 135gb available, despite the fact that I have 750gb LaCie drive, so I thought the low capacity meant that the drive was filled with data. However, when I go into Get Info in Finder, the iMac will not display any of the data on the hard drive. I have put some essential documents on here which relate to my family, and which will be needed in the future. This data appears to have gone completely, and searches for it suggest that there are errors on the drive? I need to recover this data.