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Recover Data From Compaq Desktop PCs


I have a Compaq Evo, I am not sure of the make or number. I have a problem when it comes to turning on the system. Essentially, it is sending me an error, 1801 microcode patch error. It then suggests that I press F1 to boot, and then it boots successfully. I installed a new motherboard over the processer, and I am also replacing the processer itself for something faster. When I did that, and then turned the computer back on, the 1801 error appeared again, this time saying invalid or missing processor microcode path. It then said that I had to contact Compaq support. I am no longer allowed to boot into the Windows program, and it just beeps and then puts up the message. I have tried pressing F1 without its say-so, but there was no response.


I am having a problem with my Compaq Evo 500 computer. It has developed a few bugs which I have tried and failed to repair. In addition, it also has a couple of viruses, or a keylogger, which I need to remove before the system is safe to operate. Therefore, I want to get the data copied of the hard drive and backed up to suitable media.