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The Best Way To Deal With Recovering Data From A Gateway Desktop PC


I have a Gateway DX4831, and already I have a few problems. The biggest problem is that some photographs which I was uploading to the computer have vanished without a trace. I was uploading these pictures, which are professional photographs from a client’s shoot, from a DVD. I suddenly found that I was hearing a strange buzzing or revving noise while I was going through this process. It seemed to be cycling up and down, with the noise getting louder and then softer before rising in volume again. I put my ear to the edge of the tower, and it was clearly coming from the front. There is a shaking and trembling in the tower itself. This noise persisted the next day, and that is when I found that the computer had not saved the data to my drive. This is significant, because I had been working on those photographs, including using various tools to lighten features and remove shadows. This is delicate work, and it took me most of the day to complete. To lose those photographs mean that I have, essentially, lost an entire two weeks work. I am hoping that some data recovery company will be able to help me recover the data from the drive.


I need help with a problem computer involving a Gateway DX4870, which has stopped showing videos after I installed a new type of graphics card into the PCI slot. The problem is a bit more complicated than just no video, since I actually make a living from editing videos. This is done on a specialist software platform, and all of the data is saved to the platform, rather than into Pictures or Documents. This means that, when I want to extract a video, I have to go into the software and then into the folder where the videos are kept. I am not able to do this because the computer tells me that the graphics card doesn’t support this software. I know that it does, because I specifically bought the card to be compatible. I removed the new card anyway, and the old card, which I have successfully used before, won’t allow me to view the folders either. I am able to edit videos on another computer in the room, so that is not a problem, but I do need the data which is stored on the software. Can someone recover this data from the hard drive?