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Recover The Data From Your HP Desktop PC


I am having problems with an HP Pavilion 533W. Regularly during the course of a day’s use, the computer will start to scramble the visuals on the monitor. The picture seems to be sliding to the left, then it is a mass of lines and squiggles. While the problem seemed to be with the monitor, when I went into the computer’s library folders, and opened a few of my Word files, I found that they were corrupt. I opened some picture files, and they are also corrupt, and severely damaged by the look of them. This seems to suggest that there is some kind of problem within the computer, either on the hard drive or on the motherboard. I have concluded that it must be one of these two items, and want to do a replacement. First, though, I will have to try and recover as much data from the hard drive as possible. There are some very valuable family photographs there, and also some data which is now many years old.


I have an HP Pavilion desktop which is no longer functioning. I wanted to do an upgrade to the power supply unit, so I swapped out the old 553W power supply, and put in a new module, which is the V-500. The first time I turned on the computer after the swap, there seemed no problem, but the second time, when I switched it on, there was absolutely nothing. No pops or bangs, but no turning around of the fans or the hard drive, and none of the lights at the front of the computer come on either. The whole thing seems to have died. I have a lot of data on the hard drive which is relevant to a course of study I am taking. I can’t afford to lose this data, because it will affect my final score, and so I need to be able to get a quick recovery of the data. However, while the system is not responding, I don’t think that there is much that I can do.