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RAID Server Repair


I am having problems with an Iomega NAS system which is using four drives in a raid configuration. Each of the drives holds about 750gb of data, and there was quite a lot of information on these drives. The trouble appears to be that the drives have become corrupted to the point where I can no longer open them up and view the files. Instead, I am just getting a string of error messages. I have tried running scans on the drives, and the tests say that all of the drives are working normally and functioning well. However, when I removed each drive to examine the file, I discovered that none of the recovery software I would usually use for this kind of incident is working. I put the drives back into the array, and then ran some software to try and rebuild the raid. This did not work, it seems as though the computer can see the array (or the server which holds the array), but recovery programs cannot.


I want some help with a Dell server which has a RAID system configured into an array. In this array, there are two failed drives which have not worked for some time. I was able to get the system working for a few minutes using some recovery software, and have rebuilt and then imaged the drive. Despite this, I am no longer able to find the drive which contains the majority of my data, and there are no partitions available. I can get the drive connected to a computer, and start running a boot process, but as soon as the program gets past a certain point, it stops booting. I tried to run a repair program, but there is an error which says that the netware partitions are not available, or are not found. I don’t want to do any more to this drive, because I am concerned that I am losing data each time I try something else.