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RAID 0 Data Recovery


I am using a WD drive which is part of a RAID 0 array. I have had no problem with the drive, until I made a serious mistake. I was looking at some files, and tried to right click on a picture to view the properties, as I was looking for a particular image and couldn’t find it. However, my mouse was being a bit slow that day, and had remained hanging over the partition of the drive. I clicked it, and it seems as though by clicking several times, I OK’d a quick format of the drive, which has wiped off the data from the drive. All I can see now is a completely empty partition, with no files at all, including the pictures that I was trying to save. I ran some recovery software hoping to get the data back, and the program shows that the sectors have corrupt data on there. I have been using the drive with another drive, in order to create the RAID 0, and neither drive is now showing up as working correctly. I need to get the data back from these files, as it is important work for a client’s project that has to be completed.


I need some help with a RAID 0 array which is giving me some problems. I have a set of 4 hard drives configured in a G-RAID enclosure. There are two drives in a RAID 0 format, which keeps the data across two separate drives. There is a lot of data saved onto the drive, and it all seemed to be fine until I discovered a problem with one of the drives which has now failed to mount up to the server. I decided to run a SMART check of the system, and this program has reported that there is a bad sector in the drive which won’t mount, although the other RAID 0 is ok.