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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from RAID servers. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Raid 1 Recovery

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RAID 1 Controllers being Faulty or the Partitions in Raid 1 are Missing:

Raid 1 systems can suffer from various problems and it is important that the fault is diagnosed quickly and managed effectively by a recognised Raid 1 data professional. There are various kinds of problems occurring, including raid power surges, poor reconfigurations of the volume, or even multiple disk failure. Below we cover some of the most common faults:

Hard drive Mechanical Failure in RAID 1 Systems:

This is where one or more of the raid 1 drives fail. You’ll experience beeping and buzzing sounds or perhaps clicking noises. If you hear beeps and buzzes then it means that the hard drive has failed through the motor. Any clicking is normally because the read and write heads are experiencing severe problems. Clicking is the number one problem reported to us. It is also most probably the result of a knock or fall.

Rebuild Issues with RAID 1:

One of the biggest problems we find is where people try to rebuild their RAID 1 systems. A rebuild failure, with only partial rebuild, for example, could mean that data is lost. The rebuild can only be successful if the server components present are working at one hundred percent. All hard disk drive members have to be there and the RAID 1 must be working at full capacity. We are experts in helping if a RAID build has gone wrong.

When there is Electronic or Firmware Failure:

Surges and spikes can result in electronic failure, leaving the RAID 1 effectively dead. The files are found on disk platters, and this means that they are particularly vulnerable to corruption. We have extensive experience of recovering data from firmware issues.

Problems with the Controller or Partitions:

Sometimes, even after replacing a card in the system it won’t reboot. There are many reasons why such a problem may occur, such as differing iterations of cards, or perhaps different firmware. Happily, we can work to recover all the data if this happens. It is often the case that a rebuild has gone wrong, or there has been a data loss after an upgrade. Rely on us to bring you 100% of that data back.

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