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RAID 1 Failures and Data Recovery


I have a LaCie 2Big Quadra which is set up in a 2-disk RAID array. I think that it is RAID 1, as both of the disks seem to mirror each other. I have not backed up to any other source than this array, and I have not been able to view the data on these drives since the start of the week. When I turn on the LaCie, I see a light at the front of the disks for about 2 seconds, ending in a constant red light. This blinking of lights continues for a long time, and then there is absolutely nothing, the system just crashes. I have been trying to read a code for the lights, but don’t know what this signal means. The data includes web details, such as pages, websites and checkout systems for my clients. I need to have this data off of the drives before they can be returned to Lacie for a replacement system.


I have been using a LaCie 2Big Quadra with a RAID 1 array containing 2 hard drives. I have had no problem with this, saving a lot of data to the drives, until recently, when I chose to upgrade the array. I took out the old 500GB drives, and installed new ones, each 1.5TB. However, when I went into the Windows system, I found that the computer still thinks that the 500GB hard drives are in place. I formatted the new drives because I wanted to put the old data from the former hard drives back into the array, but I am pretty sure that the drives are not being read correctly, and this means that they have somehow failed.