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RAID 5 Data Recovery


I am using an IBM server in the X226 model, which is connected to 5 hard drives in a Raid 5 array, and which holds the data from the network. I first experienced a problem with the system when two of the hard drives suddenly became unavailable to the server. They were missing from the BIOS screen, and they could not be accessed through Windows or other platforms, and the data which was on the drives was also hidden. . I decided that the hard drives needed to be replaced, and then the system would have to be rebuilt. I put in the two new drives, and started up the rebuild process. This process has never been completed, and I can’t get the data out of the drives. There are now so many error messages that I think that the whole set of drives might have failed at once.


I have a Dell PowerEdge server with a RAID 5 array which has stopped working after I have saved a lot of information to it. The server was fine until a few days ago, when it shut down suddenly in the middle of a data transfer. The computer now says that it cannot start the server, and that the Raid 5 array controller will not start. I have looked in the Windows desktop to try and see what remains of the RAID 5 array, and I can’t see much. There are a few pieces of data in there, most of which seems to be computer-generated, but there is none of the data that I have stored there, including files and folders and other pieces of data that I really need. I don’t know what has happened to the system, but it is clear that the drives have been lost while I was doing a transfer. I don’t want to lose all of the data I have on the Raid 5 array, as some of it is very important.