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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from USB Sticks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
USB Stick Recovery

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USB Stick providing you with Problems with Reading and Saving:

A USB memory stick operates similarly to a memory card. The obvious difference between the two are their shapes and volumes. Inside a USB stick is a variety of small components that are charged with the job of sending and retrieving information. Not just user information but also information that allows the USB stick to function. These components including flash memory chips (NAND) are extremely delicate and can be easily damaged. In addition the firmware that operates the USB stick via its own chip can become corrupt or out of date; resulting in the stick failing to read and write data.

USB Stick Internal Problems:

The internal physics of a USB stick are very small and complex. Contained inside a USB stick is a series of small chips capacitors and resistors, a USB adapter, a semiconductor and connectors and NAND flash memory. All of these are susceptible to physical damage if they are mistreated. We at are on hand to help with the recovery of your data from a USB stick and ask that you contact us to discuss your requirements if you have found your USB stick has become inaccessible due any kind of physical damage.

USB Stick Electronics Issues:

Inside the USB stick is a semiconductor, flash NAND memory, numerous points of contact created by lines of solder through which the information required to operate the stick are sent, and a write protect circuit. All of these components are susceptible to physical damage and are also likely to be damaged by exposure to extreme heat or cold; or if immersed in liquid. If you have a USB stick that has not been damaged physically but is no longer functioning and contains data you wish to recover please feel free to contact us at where one of our experts will talk you through the options available.

Formatting or Deletion of the USB Stick in Error:

It is possible to format or delete the information on a USB stick by accident even though it has its own write protect circuit. Although the data on a USB stick is generally safe it cannot be saved from the delete or format request issued by a user and to this end our experts here at are often asked to help with the recovery of data that has been lost in this way.

USB Stick Corruption And/Or Degradation:

Generally USB sticks last longer than memory cards. This is principally the work of the casing they are contained in. However even USB sticks are prone to damage and degradation through general wear and tear, as well as being affected by strong electrical currents caused by a power surge when left in a USB port. Additionally the USB adapter and its corresponding pins may sustain damage if the USB stick is constantly removed from one USB port and placed in another. Here at we can recover your data from degraded USB sticks and can back them up onto your chosen media.

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