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Get Your Important Files Back With USB Data Stick Recovery

Generic USB Flash Drive
My daughter has a generic cutesy Hello Kitty USB flash drive she bought at the mall. The brand of the actual drive doesn’t show. It can hold up to 16GB of stuff in it. She uses it for school work and she saved her research papers on it but for some reason she couldn’t get them to transfer back to her laptop. She told me that she used the flash drive with a couple of her friends’ computers to get copies of some movies but now she can’t retrieve any file on the stick – not her homework and not her copied movies.

Transcend 8GB Flash Drive
I have been using Transcend 8GB Flash Drive for a long time now on my Windows 8.1 device. I can hear a sound when I plug it on the computer but I don’t see it on the device. I checked Disk Management->Storage and it is there. I can see it there but not on My Computer. I checked the Device Manager and it is present there as well. I think that is still good news but I cannot access it still on the computer.